Tuesday, March 10, 2009

F103GT Super Gt

Here at D-Drive Sports we run different classes during the off season of F1. This year we ran a class for the F103GT chassis based on the SuperGT racing series here in Japan.
All of the car were required to run a true Super GT body and coloring. Also thecars were required to run with LEDs as parts of the whole idea behind the class.
Other basic rules were no weight limit, F103GT front suspension arms only, 540 silver can motors,12 minute mains, and Tamiya rear wings to name a few. A fun time was had by all and the racing was exciting.

This driver went a bit over board and used 24 Leds in the tails lights alone.
Our races are an all day event so by the time the mains are run the LEDs really start to show.

This is the A main winnners car. His was also the last Tamiya FWD world champion with a FF01 chassis. This body here is from Tamiya,Takata pulled sponceship on Dome this year so the next Dome NSX will be sponcered by Rock Star. Im sad to see this great Takata coloring go.

This body is also from Tamiya and is the new R35 Skyline. The Yellow Hat sponcer decals are home made and look great.
I hope you have enjoyed these pictures.

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