Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Vintage Kyosho F1

A very nice example of what Kyosho can do ran some laps at our circuit today.

This chassis has a ton of scale features such as inboard shocks and front brake ducts. This chassis is around 15 years old and though parts are scarce it would make a nice display F1 rc. Best found on Ebay.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

RIDE Re Releases Their F1 Rubber Tire Line UP

At the end of this month RIDE will be re releasing their F1 tire and wheel line up. These are great tires and have groves in the thread and Bridgestone side walls for some added scale. Both the front and rear tires are the popular "A" compound and include sponge. The wheels will only be available in silver at first,but Ride has made them in black before so that might be something we see in the future. We will be carrying these for the customers who like to run rubber.

Share Your Formula 1

Its time to replace the MP4 with a new car on our front page. We would like to ask our customers to send in pictures of their cars to be posted. For your troubles, you surly be the envy of your friends and we will include a nice set of "F103 in Car" window stickers with your next order.
Just send use the pictures at master@d-drivesportsenglish.com and we will change up the photo. Thank you
D-Drive Sports