Friday, March 13, 2009

Classic Chassis

Here at D-Drive Sports we have been busy with a few projects. The first project I can tell you about is plans to produce a chassis to allow the uses of a Classic F1 bodies that cant be made as the way Tamiya has the battery placed in the chassis. Our idea is to put the battery down the center of the chassis. Now this isn`t a new idea, Tech Racing has a wonderful chassis right now with the batteries placed in the center. But we want to make ours F103 based.

Our chassis will be a rolling suspension style with the battery down the middle and the ESC and Reciever on the sides. Also our chassis will use Tamiya style front suspension and rear gear box. Just bolt your Tamiya parts right on.

As for bodies the Brabham BT44 is the first body we will be producing(Top Picture). This will be really show case the possibilities of the chassis.
Other F1 cars from the 70s are also something we are thinking of.
But for you guys that like newer cars we have something even better coming along in a few days. Keep an eye out for that as you will be surprised.

Here is the first two prototype chassis being hand made. production chassis will be CNC cut.


  1. Hi!

    Are you happy with proxxon ds230 ???
    I ask because I want to get this machine for
    my homemade updates ;)


  2. And next question is, how you prepare for cut?

    I think there is cad drawing printed on paper,
    and paper is glued to CRF sheet?

    Again, nice job!