Wednesday, July 1, 2009

F104 With TR Decals

This is the new F104 from Tamiya with our new "TR" decals.
The F104 is 2008 season based and is a generic body shape. Our new "TR" decals are 2009 season based so a few of the decals require triming. The Bull is very large and requires the most trimming.
With a little work we think the body came out looking good.
This is the kit body but a rear Chevron wing is used as it has more of a 2009 shape than the stock Tamiya wing allowing the use of the Red Bull decal on the rear wing.


  1. Beautiful!!! When do you think you will have more of the "M" and "F" decals back in stock? Also, do you know of any plans to create 2009 spec front and rear wings?

    Here is the first of many F104s I plan on building...but I need "M" decals!!!

  2. Amazing! Love it! So cool! Toro Rosso are my favourite team and this looks great :)