Monday, May 11, 2009

D-Drive Sports Alloy Gearbox

D-Drive Sports is proud to announce our in alloy gearbox for the Tamiya F103. Our gearbox is the product of over 10 years of F103 research and tuning.

Many elements of the gearbox are to improve the performance and reliability of the rear pod. Here we will go into the details of our gearbox and explain the features.
First the gearbox is of course alloy. With the Alloy gearbox you do not have to worry about the Height adjusters blowing out. Also you will not have to worry about the friction damper screws stripping out of busting off.

The gearbox does use Tamiya height adjusters so you don’t have to worry about not being able to find height adjusters.

Gearing selection is also improved on this gearbox, as it is possible to use a 32t pinion gear. If you are updating to Life batteries the larger pinion gears allow you to make up for the fact that the Life is only 6.6V. Also the extra space helps with F103GT gear choice.

The rear of our gearbox has 5 adjustable heights. Now this might sound like overkill but with the current wings from Tech Racing the extra height adjust gets the wing more up in the air.

The front has the center mount along the two standard mount holes. The center hole allows the use of three screws to mount your friction plate such as the friction plate from Square.

The gearbox does come with the hex head screws required to assemble the gearbox but you will need the 4 machine screws required to mount the gearbox to your “T” bar. Also you will be required to have Tamiya height adjusters.

The gearbox does come in Silver and Flat Black. Available in our online shop now.
Thank you

D-Drive Sports

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